Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Preface to Surah 122

I love to write, especially when my alter ego Pigallah is upon me, whispering sacred Surahs into my ancient ears.

Entering my sixth decade of life, the wife knows this, and she leaves me alone on dark, foggy evenings to pursue my latest obsession, to expose Islam for what it really is, contrary to the deluded remarks of vociferous Muslim illiterates, who, like children, will defend god Allah unto their very deaths. (Whilst taking others with them, of course)

Be they in buildings, buses or tubes of the Underground, the vicious Saracens ushered into our midst, for whatever reason by those in power, are determined to slaughter anyone within their grasp, be they man, woman or child: to please their bloodthirsty, hateful pig, Allah on High, sitting on his throne in the Stye in the Sky.

What misanthropic bastards Muslims are; on my word I hereby curse them and any of their descendants forever. May upon those Muslims who read these very words, come a vicious, insidious, crawling and virulent pox upon them and theirs, wherever on this earth that they may reside, from pole to pole. May the bloodthirsty males of their kind acquire an unrelenting, consumptive venereal disease of their loins that murders their swimming seed and renders them sterile. Upon my word, may their veiled, burka shodden, homely women rot from inside from a creeping endometrial malady that cannot be cured by any means whatsoever, heroic or otherwise. Upon my word, may their vile and repulsive offspring, of either sex, expire from painful miscarriage in the primary trimester: dropped in tearful agony upon the ground as cold slugs of undeveloped grey and bloody flesh.

Such are the unalterable pronouncements of the stoic Pigallah; verily I say unto you, if those calling themselves Muslims desire to be hated, you are indeed, by me. I assure you that my hatred is of the most perfect, vicious hatred that can possibly exist. Were I in charge of all things, you would be annihilated unto the last man; the caftan wearing Hasidic Hebrews of Judaea would hang their heads in pitiful envy and sorrow, standing before the Wailing Wall at the unrelenting Holocaust that I, Pigallah, would bring upon you and yours.

In contrast to Pigallah, Fuhrer Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany was a blundering pretender; Marshal Joesph Stalin of the Soviet Union was an amateur, and Chairman Mao Zedong of the People's Republic of China was an apprentice of the second degree. Further, little Pol Pot of Cambodia was nothing at all, and the Nubian Idi Amin of Uganda was a punk in comparison.

A good thing for you and yours that I will never rule this earth; please, fall to your knees, face Mecca and thank your verminous pig on high called Allah. Upon your prayers of thanks to him I will laugh hysterically, looking upon deluded, genuflecting fools.

Vivid allegory aside, I candidly venture to lucid readers that Musims are a strange type of evil "racist", those who despise others not of their kind. Very typical of deluded, stupid mankind; those who are not "like" are generally distrusted by any given population; set aside, and, when it comes to Muslims, killed.

I dare anyone to prove me wrong by using facts. Indeed, no other explanation seems to fit, considering most of the people they are slaughtering are of European extraction, in Britain and America, Africans and Asians running a distant second.

Do you have any factual words to rebut me in my objective observation, vile Muhammadan pigs?

I conclude that you do not, regardless of any absurdities written in your absurd Koran, idiotic Hadiths, or ridiculous Sunnahs, naturally twisted in your favour by those who are cunning; id est, your disgusting Mullahs, Imams and Caliphs.

Recall Surah nine of your bloody "Koran"; I am not fooled by the likes of you: I believe not in any god and never did.

My pen is mightier than any of your scimitars, bombs or knives; read the next post and weep before your verminous god, subhuman Muslim swine.


Anonymous said...

clap clap, bravo nice one. more more!

PIGALLAH said...

Thanks mate, but the Lost Verses of the Koran are done at Surah 130.