Thursday, 16 March 2006

More lost verses on the way - Surahs 122 thru 129

Pigallah here on a cool, cloudy evening.

Due to the immense popularity of the previously revealed Koranic Surahs 115 thru 121, I took it upon myself to search for more wise revelations from Allah the Pig (sacred almighty warthog), our one true god, sitting on his porcine haunches in Hog Heaven.

My diligent efforts have been rewarded. I just got off the speakerphone with the Archangel Gabriel, spending nearly an hour at a wordprocessor drinking Glenfiddich whilst listening to him dictate Allah's (saw) Holy Words.

The results are impressive. Using these latest revelations, we can now learn more of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (place bacon upon him) and his Muslim followers (place bacon upon them), together with his child wife Ayesha (place bacon upon her), and his devoted henchman, Oaf Abu Bakr (pbuh).

Holy Surahs 122, 123, and 124 have been recorded, and are awaiting final editing by dutiful Muslim scribes before they will be released to the faithful in perhaps a few days.

Remember brethren - There is no god but Allah the Pig (saw), and Muhammad (pbuh) is his Prophet!


meredith said...

aww give the cute piggys a break, i know islam is offended by pigs but pigs are coooool we love them in the modern world....

hopefully the god n profit will over come their rancid porcineaphobia... and realise that all this time it was just another misinterpretation and allah was actully a swine god and mo is an animal libber saving the cute baby pigs.

meredith said...

awww give the pigs a break, it's an insult to the pig population to align them with allah n mo....

but good on you for exposing yet more interpretattions of the koran.

i have held a long belief that allah is actully a big fat happy swine god rolling in mud and allah was meant to actully save all pigs and slay where he saw them, the muslims who hate them so.

pigallah said...

Porcineaphobia is a bloody good word for it mate; a shame that I have to compare a useful (and very tasty) animal to the likes of Muslims.

- Pigallah