Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Surah 124 and beyond: Reader input wanted

Pigallah here.

There is only so much one can write on any particular subject without becoming tedious; hence, I am revising the later surahs 124-129 in effort to avoid such an occurrence.

You know, Muhammad the rapist, Muhammad the paedophile, the drunk, the lecher, the sodomite, the murderer, et cetera, ad infinitum. Not that I won't keep describing Prophet Muhammad in such an accurate fashion; I simply want to make the story more entertaining.

Therefore, I am asking my readers over the next fortnight or so for any suggestions they may have with regard to the final - and I mean FINAL, five "surahs" that I am so labouriously penning in my spare time.

Feel free to leave them as comments to this post; I will review them as I receive them.

Whilst occupied with this task, it is suggested you view a very funny flash video at this site:

Thanks in advance.

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mazer said...

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